Dear Friends, 


A leadership team of First United Methodist Church, Hastings has been carefully monitoring the CoVid-19 infection and hospitalization for Adams County since March of this year.  We have carefully crafted a plan of response for the rising and falling levels of this infection and in this plan, we determined if our infections status were to move into the Red area on the Nebraska DHHS Department guidelines, we would suspend in-person worship until further notice. 


Late in the day, we also received similar instructions from Bishop Saenz of the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church.  Therefore, as of Nov. 12, 2020, there will be no in-person worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am. We encourage those who have the capability to watch on local cable, our Facebook Live page, or YouTube television to continue worshiping with us through these times.  We apologize to those for whom this creates a problem, however, our duty first and foremost as United Methodists is to Do No Harm. We continue to pray for families and loved ones who are infected by this destructive pandemic. We will look forward to a time when God’s people will return to live worship in the settings of their faith communities. 


May God Bless,

Pastor Greg and Leaders of First UMC, Hastings

Live worship has been suspended as of November 12, 2020 due to the rise in Covid 19 in our area.  Please see below for additional information.

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  • We are an open church that welcomes differences and celebrates diversity. Our unity is not in the uniformity of our opinions but rather in the mutuality of our concerns.  We, as our founder John Wesley once said, “Think and let think”. People here may hold very different opinions on a particular issue affecting our church life, but we try to be respectful of each other and we know that WHAT we believe matters to each of us but it is WHO we believe in that holds us together and gives us our strength and reason for living.

Mostly, we want you to know we are imperfect people who gather to share a journey toward a Perfect God. If you would like to join us on that journey, “Come and see” (John 1:39) what the Lord is doing in our midst.

-Pastor Greg Lindenberger


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These services have been suspended due to the rise in Covid-19 in our area.  We will update as these conditions change.

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